Hi dear traveller,

You’ve been seen so many travel blogs, haven’t you? Every blog is different, because the purpose of its creation is different. In addition, people have different style of writing - it goes without saying.

Why Did I Start My Travel Blog?

I’ve started this travel blog simply because I want to inspire people to travel more. Now I want to focus on travelling around Europe, because I am European. I have been travelling a lot by my own, and now I see my mission is to share my own travel experience with you and the other travellers.

Who Am I Writing For?

I would be happy to see different people on my blog. It doesn’t matter whether you are already an experienced traveller or you are just planning the adventure of your life. Keep reading, and you will know, why my blog is so helpful for travellers.

What Can You Find on My Blog?

I want to provide useful tips for different types of travelling. I hope, you can find helpful and exciting information for your future trips around Europe. Sometimes you might need advice, no matter you are a beginner or a skilled traveller. I will share my thoughts and collect tips from the other travellers in my blog. So you can learn not only statistics, but also valuable personal experience in my blog.

Let’s have a short talk about travelling right now. I want to tell the most popular wrong thoughts, that might prevent you from dream of travelling.

”I can only start travelling, when I have enough knowledge…”

Just think, what is “enough” for you. Do you really think you can’t start travelling right now?

Remember, there is no template for travelling. It’s up to you to decide, where you want to go and what type of travelling is acceptable for you. Let’s say, it’s your own project and you are the only manager. You can learn some valuable tips from my blog, but don’t forget to practice them while travelling.

”I must have a lot of money in order to start!”

Believe me, this is the most popular excuse for those, who will never start travelling. Of course, you need some money for food and sometimes accommodation. But if you really want to travel, nothing can stop you. So, it’s not needed to have “a lot of money”. In my blog I’m going to show you the ways, how to travel on a tight budget. You must me amazed of dozens of impressive places you can visit without paying. Travel more, spend less.


”I don’t have time to plan my trip.”

You must have heard a lot about so many things about top tourist destinations in Europe. But it might be difficult for you to find real hidden gems. No worries, I can help you with the “top destinations” in dozens of categories. I hope, you will find valuable information on my blog and apply it for your future trips.

How can we communicate?

If you want to share your own travel experience in my blog, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact me as well, if you have any suggestions or ideas. I’m always open to meet new travellers and discussions. Remember, your sincere feedback is important for me.

Just keep reading, and you can find fresh ideas for your future trips around Europe. I wish you to have as impressive travels as mine.

There’s nothing more to say...Welcome to my blog and enjoy the reading!

Traveller’s attributes
Traveller’s attributes